Meet some of our four-legged friends from Casa Del White Stuff (HQ)

Our Shops and HQ are pooch-friendly environments and our HQ colleagues are able to bring their chums to work with them every day of the working week. As we have so many delightful four-legged friends who frequent HQ we wanted to introduce a few of them to you to find out why White Stuff is a paw-fect place to spend the day.

Meet Rolo; our IT Business Analyst Cavapoo

Rolo the delightful Cavapoo has been visiting HQ with Angela, our IT Business Analyst, since April 2017. Rolo only travels to HQ with Angela on occasions but, when he does, he loves all the attention he gets at Casa Del White Stuff. His only bug-bear is the commute, as he can get a bit squashed on the tube – luckily Angela is on hand to carry him!

On a cold and dreary day Rolo loves to snuggle on the sofa and enjoys a tickle behind his ears. He also loves a good long walk, but during the winter months he isn’t so keen on all the leaves as they can get caught in his paws. After a hectic day in the busy IT department Rolo can be found lazing around at the top of the stairs at home with his beloved teddy.

Introducing Stan; our canine Wholesale Selling Assistant

Stan is a Jack Russell and Poodle cross and comes to White Stuff HQ with Clare, our UK Key Account Manager, at least two days a week – the rest of the week he plays out with his friends in the woods. Stan commutes into work with Clare on the tube and his fabulous eyebrows certainly get a lot of attention.

Stan is known to be rather cheeky and particularly enjoys pulling coats off their hooks to use them to make his bed, every coat of Clare’s has some ‘Stan damage’. When he’s not at work supporting Clare (or causing mischief in the Wholesale department) he can be found in the great outdoors exploring nature and playing with other animals. Stan also loves to go swimming and visiting the beach.


This is Pepa; our four-legged IT Database expert

Pepa travels into work with Patrick, our IT DBA Systems Administrator, each and every morning. Patrick and Pepa joined the IT department in early 2017 and Pepa has quickly formed her own fan club. It’s not surprising with those eyes!

A typical day for Pepa at Casa del White Stuff is a quick lap to say her hellos, followed by copious amounts of napping until lunch. She then spends the remainder of afternoon out of the office visiting one of her fellow Boston Terrier friends.

Pepa loves rolling around on her back in the park, falling asleep in the sun and is particularly good at doing tricks for treats. Did we mention that Pepa also has her own Instagram page?


And not forgetting Tess; our oh-so-creative Cocker Spaniel

Tess the cocker spaniel has been coming to work with Lou, Head of Shop Interiors, since she was a tiny nine-week old pup – she is now six years old! Tess has well and truly made herself at home at White Stuff HQ within the Creative team.

Outside life at White Stuff, Tess’ favourite hobbies include stalking squirrels in the park and stealing shoes, she also has a habit of sneakily digging up plants in Lou’s garden when she’s not looking! If you’re lucky you might even spot Tess on-site with Lou at shop constructions, she’ll be wearing her special hi-vis jacket.


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